Client satisfaction means everything to us.

Many families come to us worried about their loved one’s situation. We’re able to help them navigate difficult times by customizing a Plan of Care and providing non-medical attendants they can trust. The results are amazing.

"As an only child living clear across the country from my aging parents, I feel so fortunate to have found Kathryn and her staff who gave so much from their heart during mom and dad’s final years. I was continually impressed with both their professionalism and the personal service that everyone provided. Their expertise in helping me understand the complex world of the nursing home and hospitals was invaluable. The best part, though, was the genuine, caring attitude that everyone showed to my parents in their time of need. I certainly felt relieved to know competent, caring people were looking after my loved ones when I could not."

- Anita A.

"I write this recommendation as a social worker, daughter, and client of Attendant Care Services (ACS). My sister and brother join with me in saying that Kathryn Butcher has been a blessing for us. My dad was 89, living in Memphis, and I was 56, living far, far away when I was referred to ACS by old family friends. Kathryn helped us choose assisted living, provided a companion and driver, and personally provided social support for my dad in a variety of ways. One of her other clients turned out to be one of my dad's best friends from childhood. Kathryn made sure to make the link between them by encouraging contact in person and on the phone.

When dad's wife was ill in a nursing home, Kathryn accompanied him on visits to see her and made suggestions that would help him support her being comfortable in the nursing home. Kathryn is a gerontology specialist and used those skills when needed in working with hospital/nursing home staff and 'sitters' on elder care issues.

In some ways, Kathryn operated like a fourth kid when one of us was not in town. I saw my dad and other older adults light up when they spent time with her. Our dad really enjoyed her direct, yet caring honesty. He would listen to her when he would not listen to us, for instance, on his need to take medications.

She also helped my dad process his emotions of loss so he could have a better adjustment to his radically changed life. She really went above and beyond for our family with extra support for us all. She is really coming from a good place in her heart about her work. She is very resourceful about the physical, financial, legal and emotional sides of having an older parent to care for.

The ACS office staff are friendly, professional and equally committed to their work. They are all warm and patient -- nice qualities to have when working with the elderly. In so many ways Kathryn and her associates have improved the quality of our lives. I recommend ACS wholeheartedly!"

- Mary B.